Documentation Checklist for admission & Visa and other important information


Criteria for application:
  • Students who have completed their Intermediate level of +2 are eligible to apply in Japan.
  • Students currently appearing in college or unversity are preferable.
  • Students should study Japanese Language in this institue for six months or 250 hours in Course A. Their forms and necessary documents will be processed at appropriate time. (Please refer to the chart on the next section for the application deadline and the date of result for corresponding sessions)
  • Sponsor must be finanically sound to support for the student's study in Japan.

Note: Agreement should be made between student's guardain and TEC.


How to apply (Procedure) ?

Please refer to the flow chart below for the entire process.

Admission to TEC
Preparation of necessary documents
Screening of student by school's representative from Japan
Documents forward to Japan
Documents submit to IMMIGRATION of Japan
Visa Apply to EMBASSY of Japan in NEPAL


Document Required

  • Photocopies of all Academic certificates.
  • Latest Character Certificate Academic Transcript (origional copy)
  • Recommendation letter from present college (for students presently studying in Campus)
  • Certificate of minimum 6 months (250 Hrs.) of Japanse Language Training.
  • 10 copies of passport size photographs.
  • Citizenship Certificate.
  • Photocopy of a valid passort.
  • Certificate from a registered doctor confirming the student to be phyiscally and mentally fit. (Applicate to certain schools.)
  • Certificate relationship verification with sponsor (i.e. Father, Mohter)
  • Certificate of Annual Income of the last three consecutive years.
  • Certificate of tax clearance of income source of the sponsor.
  • Certificate of bank balance with minimum one year transation.
  • Certificate of property evalvation.
  • Certificate of good conduct, confirming non invlovement in any criminal activites form the District police Head quarters. (Police Report).